How do I download Office 365 for free?
If you can access your student email, you can download the installer for Office 365 (Chromebooks/Android Tablets/iPads cannot run this installer and must use the free Apps from Microsoft instead). 

1 .Open a browser and go to

2. Login with your ‘’ and myLakerLink password. 

*Note: You may be prompted to enter a personal email or phone number for added security when resetting your password in the future. 

3. On the right side is a dropdown box that says “Install Office”. Click this box, then click “Office 365 apps” to download the installer file. 

4. Once it is done downloading, run this file while you have a strong internet connection and enough battery power for your computer to run for about 45 minutes (download/install speeds vary). 

After it finishes, you will have Office 365 installed!

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